Hi, first of all, I welcome you all to Webcroni.com. This page will help you know the purpose of this website-cum-blog. To learn about us, kindly read all the information provided here.

Welcome to Webcroni.com

Why Webcroni?

You must be wondering about the name. Why did I choose Webcroni for this website. Ok let me tell you a short story:

“One day, I was helping my friend with his WordPress website, it was taking long, and I was starving too. Then he ordered Macroni Pasta from a nearby restaurant. I was helping him with his website while eating the Macroni. After a few days later, I thought about helping other people (like my friends) create and understand the process of Website development.

That day I came up with this name: Webcroni. I chose it because I started this website after getting the idea of helping with the Website while eating Macroni. So, Website+Macroni became Webcroni“.

I hope you like the story behind the name. Now let me introduce myself as the Content Creator for this website.

About Me


My name is Kapil Choudhary. I am the guy behind this website. I have more than four years of experience in Website development. I have worked on nearly 500 websites (primarily WordPress) in the last couple of years. I am a freelance WordPress that can help you in getting successful at WordPress.

Here, on Webcroni.com, I will continue to share essential web guides for beginners and experts. However, if you need additional help with something (related to website and online marketing), you can talk to me at [email protected]

Thank you so much for you time and support. If you have any feedback about this website, please do share with me.