How to Get Free Domain & Hosting (2022)


Hello friends, how you are doing well. I will tell you how to get a free domain and free hosting for your website requirement in this post. In my previous post, I explained how to create a website easily without having any coding knowledge. Well, to create a website, you need a domain and hosting. So let us discuss how you can get a free domain and host in 2022.

Get free domain from Freenom

Freenom is the best choice when it comes to getting a free domain name. Freenom provides free and paid domain name options, and you can get the free one for your needs. However, the free domain TLDs (Top-Level-Domain) are limited to five. On Freenom, you can get the domains with the following domain extensions only:

  • .ga – country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Gabon.
  • .gq – country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Equatorial Guinea
  • .ml – country code top-level domain for Mali
  • .cf – country code top-level domain for the Central African Republic
  • .tk – country code top-level domain for Tokelau (a territory for New Zealand)

How to get free domain from Freenom

Follow the below steps to register a free domain name from Freenom official website. Please note these domains are provided for free of cost does not mean you should abuse them.

  1. Visit from your computer’s web browser
  2. Search for the domain name as per your requirement and click on Check Availability, or press Enter button
  3. The free domain names (according to your search term) will be visible to you on the next page.
  4. Click on the Get it now button and proceed.
  5. Select the duration. You can register a free domain for a maximum of 1 year.
  6. Fill in the registration details and log in or sign up to the Freenom account.
  7. Your domains will be ready once the order is complete
  8. Now, from the drop-down menu (top bar), click on My Domains under the Services tab
  9. Here, you will see the domain you just registered
  10. Click on the domain to manage the DNS records
  11. In the DNS records, you need to enter the information received from the hosting provider (i.e., nameservers, IP address, etc.).
  12. Hurray! You have successfully got the free domain for yourself.

After registering the freenom domain successfully, you need to enter the DNS records manually. You can follow the instructions received from the hosting provider. You can connect the domain to any hosting space you have access to. We will now discuss how to get free hosting to host the website files in the next step. Remember, you need hosting to store the website files on a server.

Get free hosting from 000webhost

000webhost is powered by Hostinger to provide free hosting solutions for beginners. It is available for free, which means you will be missing out on multiple features. You can get free hosting from with the following features:

  • Host one website
  • 300 MB disk space
  • 1 FTP account
  • 1 Cronjob
  • 1 MySQL database

You will not have access to DNS management, email account, backups, and various other features. However, you can still create a website by installing WordPress or using the free website builder.


How to Set up free hosting from 000webhost

Follow the below steps to get free hosting and set it up to create a website for free. Please note that you might see slower speed due to the limited resources allocated to free users while creating and accessing the website.

  1. Visit, scroll down, and click on Free Sign Up button under the Free Web Hosting plan.
  2. Sign up for a free account using Email, Facebook, or Google.
  3. Click on create New Site and enter the required details
  4. The website will be ready, and you can install WordPress, use website builder, or upload files.
  5. Click on install WordPress, enter the required information, and proceed further.
  6. Please wait for the WordPress installation to complete; it may take some time to finish the installation.
  7. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to log in to the admin dashboard.
  8. Your website will be accessible from the subdomain created with You can add the custom domain by heading over to Tools > Set Web Address.
  9. Click on add domain and select park domains, and click on the Next button
  10. Copy the nameserver and add these nameservers to your free domain (Freenom domain) that you registered by getting a free domain from
  11. After successfully updating the nameservers, enter your domain name from where you copied the nameservers.
  12. Click on the Park Domain button and wait for the DNS propagation to update the nameservers.
  13. You can access your website with the domain once the nameserver is updated. However, the DNS propagation may take up to 48 hours, as discussed in an earlier post.
  14. Hurray! You have successfully set up a free website (free domain and free hosting).

Get free domain with Namecheap shared hosting

Some companies, such as Namecheap and Hostinger, provide free domains with their shared hosting. However, Namecheap provides cheaper hosting solutions than Hostinger. That’s why we are moving further with the Namecheap in this guide. Follow the below steps to get a free domain with the Namecheap shared hosting plans:

  1. Visit and select shared hosting from the primary menu
  2. Choose the Steller hosting plan. It is the cheapest.
  3. Select the yearly subscription as the free domain is not included with monthly subscriptions.
  4. Click on the Get Started button and select new domain name on the next page
  5. Scroll down and search for the free domain name of your choice
  6. Only the limited TLDs are available for free. It includes .fun, .host, .online, .press, .site, .website, .space, .tech, .pw, store, .agency, .digital, .live, .studio, and .eu.
  7. Select the domain and click on Add to Cart
  8. Review the change and confirm your order
  9. Log in or sign up to place the order and make payment
  10. You will receive the hosting and domain details in the email
  11. Congratulations on getting a free domain with shared hosting!
  12. Important points to remember while setting up the free domain and hosting

Now that you have successfully learn to get free domain and hosting for your business or hobby purpose, here are few points you must not forget.

  • Never abuse or spam: Even if you are getting a free domain and free hosting, you should never abuse and spam the services. Remember that the company is storing your details and IP address for future use. If you use the services in the wrong ways, you might have to face the consequences. Freenom will ban your IP address and may terminate your benefits. 000Webhost can do the same.
  • Use it for learning purposes only: You can get a free domain and register it for a maximum period of 1 year only. And the free hosting has the limited resources. It means it is not a good idea to uses these free services professionally. However, if you want to continue with the free domain for a money site, you should upgrade to the paid version of the domain and hosting.
  • Utilize it: Try to utilize the free domain and free hosting that you have set up. It will help you understand the usage, and you will be able to better upgrade options in the future.
  • Flagged domains: Freenom has been offering free domains for a while now. Hence, it might be possible that the domain you have selected today has already been used earlier. In such a case, the domain could be flagged in various search engines and can hurt your website.
  • Blocked IP: It may be possible that the free hosting you received has a blocked IP. Many hosting providers keep the cheap hosting accounts on cheap servers and do not get the proper support and moderation. It may be possible that the IP address of your free hosting is being shared by another website and could have been flagged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a TLD?

A TLD or Top Level Domain is the last part of your domain. For example, if you get a free domain name as “,”; the .cf will be the TLD of that domain. Some popular TLDs are .com, .co, .biz, .io, .online, etc.

What is ccTLD?

A ccTLD or country-code TLD is the type of Top Level Domain linked with a country. It localizes the domain name according to the nation. For example, .us is the TLD of the United States, .in is the TLD of India.

What is the duration of free domain registration?

You can register the free domain at for one month, three months, six months, nine months, or 12 months.

What is DNS management?

It means managing the Domain Name System records such as A, CNAME, TXT, etc. The DNS records are used to connect a domain name with a server.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the hosting space on a server that many users share. The hosting provider can use a server to provide hosting services to several users. Shared hosting is the most popular and most used hosting solution.

What is a Nameserver?

A Nameserver is an integral part of any Domain Name System (DNS). It holds all the necessary records for domain propagation. You may understand the nameserver as the “Directory of the IP addresses.”

What is DNS propagation?

When you make any changes in the DNS records to update the nameservers, it may take some time to take effect. This period is the DNS propagation. It takes less than 60 minutes but can go up to 24-48 hours in most cases.

Thank You

Those were some of the questions related to the domain and hosting that I have answered. However, if you still face any issues with getting a free domain and hosting, you may contact me at

Now, try to get a free domain and free hosting for you and share your experience with me in the comment section below.

All the website experts out there, I have a task for you. Here are the step-by-step details of this task.

  • Get a free domain from and free hosting from and install WordPress on it.
  • After installing WordPress, create a website using Astra templates or whatever you like.
  • Once you created the website, test its speed and try to optimize it.
  • Do the same on shared hosting and share the experience in the comment below
  • Do not forget to mention if anything surprised you.

Thank you so much for the time and patience to read till last. Try to learn as much as possible from these free services, and I will bring more web guides for beginners and experts.

If you like the post share it with other to help them. If you do not like the post, please share the feedback with me, and I will try to improve it.

That’s all folks!

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